Analytik Jena is a provider of instruments and products in the areas of analytical measuring technology, life science, and optoelectronics. Its portfolio includes the most modern analytical technology, complete systems for bioanalytical applications in the life science area, and high-end optical consumer products.

SPECTROPHOTOMETER:-  We are offering you 2 different types of spectrophotometers which will cover a wide range of applications

ScanDrop 100/200/250\


  • Cmbination of two generations of spectrophotometer
  • Measurements in the microliter range from 0.3 mu.l
  • CHIPCUVETTE ® with 16 channels for automatic measurement of up to 32 positions at a layer thickness of 0.1 mm and 1.0 mm
  • Automated sample positioning (CHIPCUVETTE ® )
  • Standard measuring position for 10 mm cuvettes
  • Use of TrayCell: Single measurements of small sample volumes at 0.2 mm or 1.0 mm thickness
  • Best user and sample protection
  • No evaporative
  • No cross contamination
  • No carryover
  • Sample storage in CHIPCUVETTE ® possible
  • Suitable for the use of multi-channel pipettes
  • Supported by SPECORD ® technology
  • High-precision optics with aberrationskorrigiertem grid

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HOMOGENIZATION: – Patented Double Action System to isolate your DNA from cells, plants or from wood. Due to highly accelerated beads and a peak-shaped energy input, the SpeedMill PLUS shreds even difficult starting material without badly heating. Therefore, also sensitive materials can be homogenized without additional use of liquid nitrogen or other additives.

SpeedMill PLUS


  • Complete and reproducible homogenization; easily homogenizes even extremely resistant starting materials
  • Efficient sample cooling during the whole preparation
  • Very rapidly moving beads crush and disrupt the starting material
  • Touch control panel and large display provide considerable operating convenience
  • Pre-programed protocols or user-defined programing with freely selectable parameters
  • Compact construction
  • Can easily be operated continuously
  • Comparatively quiet operation
  • No tools required to operate the instrument

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Fully Automated DNA/RNA Extraction System: – The InnuPure® devices are flexible and efficient systems for fully automated isolation of nucleic acids. They are based on a unique liquid handling method and the proven principle of magnetic particle separation

InnuPure C16


  • Flexible and efficient extraction system
  • Completely automated and compact
  • Up to sixteen samples in parallel
  • Isolation of very pure nucleic acids
  • Suitable for a wide variety of starting materials, including forensic samples
  • Pre-programed protocols
  • Adsorption of the isolated material onto magnetic or paramagnetic particles
  • Automatic transfer of eluates into Elution Tubes with caps
  • Easy and convenient to use thanks to the portable HID-Pro 320 user interface
  • No cross-contamination
  • Highly reproducible
  • Fast, reliable and efficient
  • Optional available: UV lamp for easy decontamination of sample room

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InnuPure C96


  • Fully automated nucleic acid extraction based on proven magnetic particle separation
  • Preparation of up to 96 samples in parallel
  • Preprogrammed extraction protocols for optimal reproducibility
  • Adjustable elution volumes
  • Reagent plasticware filled up automatically with all necessary solutions
  • Minimum number of manual steps
  • Tight desktop device for any lab bench
  • Optimized lysis by using an integrateable thermal shaker
  • Minimized contamination and easy decontamination due to an integrated UV lamp and a HEPA filter
  • Highly flexible system for a wide variety of starting materials and volumes
  • Ready-to-use purification kits for easy handling and for the extraction of high quality nucleic acids

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Rapid PCR: – Effective PCR amplification in less than 10 minutes. Making use of the remarkably high heating and cooling rates up to 15°C/s or 10°C/s, respectively) of the SpeedCycler2. The currently fastest peltier-based thermocycler in the world impresses with operator convinience and flexibility. Choose from 1 of 5 sterling-silvery thermoblocks coated with a gold alloy the appropriate one for your application. You don’t want to determine upon a special block? The easily manageable block-exchange-system provides the solution



  • Rapid PCR in less than 8 minutes
  • Heating and cooling rates of up to 15 °C/sec and 10 °C/sec, respectively
  • SAC (Self-Adapting-Container) technology delivers outstanding  heat transfer
  • Low-Profile-Rapid (LPR) blocks for 20 µL
  • Standard-Profile-Rapid (SPR) blocks for 0.2 mL standard consumables
  • Optimized for low reagent consumption and reduced running costs
  • Small footprint satellite system, expendable to full cycler networks
  • Five different blocks available
  • Thermal blocks made of massive sterling silver with a gold layer
  • Portable user-interface HID-Pro 320
  • Reduced primer mismatching

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  • Quick-X-Change block exchange system
  • Automatic block recognition
  • 96 well and 48 well twin-block optionally with gradient function
  • Twin-blocks independently controllable
  • Multiblock start- and stop-function
  • Large ¼ VGA display
  • High Performance Smart Lid (HPSL) for always optimal contact pressure
  • USB A and USB B port
  • Comfortable user administration
  • GLP compliant documentation of PCR runs
  • Comprehensive additional software functions

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RealTime Rapid PCR: – Real-time PCR devices characterized by state-of-the-art ramping rates up to 6 °C/sec. So flexibility is a big issue. The Real-time PCR instruments due to silver block technology provide outstanding temperature uniformity and highest ramping rates for short PCR protocols and reproducible reaction conditions in each single well. In combination with the patented optical detection system, featuring maintenance free LED technology, accurate and reliable data acquisition is guaranteed. Optionally available with gradient function the instruments allow optimisation of new assays in a single run.

qTOWER (Real-time Rapid PCR)


  • High speed, real-time PCR up to 10 times faster than conventional cyclers
  • Patent pending, fiber-optic system achieves high signal intensities
  • Enormous cost reduction – works with reaction volumes of just 5 µL
  • Highly energy efficient and RoHS compliant
  • Integrated, user-friendly control and analysis software
  • Attractive high-gloss design
  • qPCR with up to 96 samples in less than 25 minutes
  • Adjustable ramping rates from 0.1 °C/sec up to 12 °C/sec
  • Reaction volumes of 5 – 20 µL generate outstanding savings of expensive reagents
  • 9 different Color and FRET modules
  • Open for future applications and adaptations
  • Detects 96 samples in just four seconds
  • Independant from the number of dyes

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qTOWER 2.0/2.2


  • Quantitative real-time PCR in proven 96 well SBS standard format
  • State-of-the-art ramping rates of up to 5.5 °C/sec
  • For usage of different optical plastic ware: 0.2 ml Tubes, 8 well strips or 96 well microplates
  • Optimized for volumes of 10 – 60 µl
  • Available with or without gradient function (max. temperature range of 40 °C)
  • Patented high performance optical system with 8 optical fibers & 3 LEDs with long-term warranty of 10 years
  • Individual configuration with up to 6 different measurement channels
  • Selection out of 10 high-resolution, retrofittable color or FRET modules
  • High-speed scan: 6 sec. for a 96 well microplate (independent of the number of dyes to be measured)
  • Multilingual intuitive control and evaluation software
  • Wide variety of different evaluation methods
  • Gradient Function

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 Thermal Mixer


  • Fast shaking and mixing up to 3,000 rpm
  • For microplates, PCR plates, deep well plates,
  • tubes and glass vials
  • Customized adapters on request
  • Vortex and Short-mix function
  • 3D-Shake-Control: rapid and gentle mixing in orbits for sensitive samples
  • Anti-Spill-Technology: controlled planar mixing
  • Anti-Vibration-Technology: outstanding smooth running conditions without vibration and noise
  • Compact and lightweight aluminum design

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Mobile Diagnostics System: – Very fast, certain and locally to detect agents and pathogens. We provide therefore ideal platforms with the MobiLab and the ePaTOX II for human diagnostic, detection of food pathogens, enviorenment and detection of toxins.  The systems combine rapidity, novel detection systems with user friendly and so it is possible that non-specialist could use these detection systems.

MobiLab: – is designed so that even nonspecialists will be guided step by step through a computerized manual from beginning of the sampling to the specific pathogen detection. This can be done easily and quickly, as the MobiLab combines nucleic acid extraction, thermal mixer and rapid PCR cycler in an expedient way. On the basis of an integrated high performance battery and supply in a robust case the system allows very flexible applications – future-oriented in the field. Due to the external power supply the MobiLab can be operated indoor on a surface of a sheet of DIN A4 paper to replace an entire laboratory.


  • Ultra modern device platform: the MobiLab
  • Pathogen detection new defined
  • Diversity through the elaborate product family
  • On-site analysis through the mature technology
  • Perfectly equipped

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  • Identification and quantification of toxins and pathogens
  • Fully automated, stable, electrochemical detection on microarrays
  • Plug & play operation using disposable one way chipsticks
  • User-friendly operation and data analysis, incl. alarm feature
  • Robust housing for mobile NBC detection systems such as those found in emergency management vehicles or for stationary monitoring systems used in public buildings
  • In-house production of monoclonal antibodies for quantification (BoNT-A, -B, -F, SEB, ricin) and detection (BoNT-F, SEB and ricin)
  • Samples are easy to handle
  • Short measurement times (approx. 20 minutes for toxins/ proteins; approx. 10 minutes for DNA/RNA)
  • Limit of detection = approx. 0.5 ng/mL

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