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Is a research products company focused exclusively on the ever growing field of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress has now been shown to play a role in most major disease states as well as environmental decline and our company is commited to advancing this understanding by providing quality products to help simplify investigational methods. Our major product offering is a line of assay kits for the detection and quantification of various paramaters commonly associated with oxidative stress. These NWLSSTM brand products include 16 different test kits for detecting biomarkers of macromolecular oxidation, specific and non-specific antioxidant paramaters. These products are sold worldwide directly to customers or through a growing network of international distributors. With a very broad range of applicability, NWLSSTM customers include research laboratories from many of the worlds most respected academic, corporate and government institutes


Oxidative Lipid Biomarkers

Catalog: NWK-MDA01
NWLSST Malondialdehyde Assay
The NWLSST Malondialdehyde assay utilizes an improved Thiobarbituric Acid (TBA) based technology, still the most widely published method for testing lipid peroxidation in biological samples. The NWLSST NWK-MDA01 assay is designed as a simple, affordable method for testing lipid peroxidation standardized as malondialdehyde (MDA). Unlike other TBA based assays, the NWLSST assay utilizes lower heating temperatures, antioxidants to prevent lipid peroxidation artifacts and an improved data reduction method to reduce non-specific TBARS related background interference.

Catalog: NWK-ISO01
NWLSST 8-Isoprostane ELISA Assay
This product is intended for the quantification of 15-isoprostane F2t (also known as 8-epi-PGF2a, 8-iso-PGF2a or more commonly 8-Isoprostane) and can be used with urine, serum or tissue samples following solid phase extraction of the isoprostane-containing fraction. Instructions are also provided for the quantification of total 15-isoprostane F2t following hydrolysis of phospholipids. NOTE: Alternatively, urine samples may be analyzed without solid phase extraction using the NWLSST NWK-ISO2 kit.

Catalog: NWK-ISO02
NWLSST Urinary 8-Isoprostane Assay
We recommend this assay as a means of quantifying free 15-isoprostane F2t also known as 8-isoprostane, the best characterized isoprostane, in urine, without the need to extract the samples prior to testing. NOTE: Plasma, tissue or cell lysates may be tested using the NWLSST NWK-ISO01 assay for isoprostanes. Detailed extraction procedures are included with the product.

Catalog: NWK-01143
Oxidized Low Density Lipoprotein ELISA (Ox-LDL-EIA Sandwich Format)
96 well sandwich ELISA for the detection of Oxidized LDL in biological samples. Optimized for human samples however some crossreactivity in rat and pig species has been noted.

Catalog: NWK-01158
Oxidized Low Density Lipoprotein ELISA (Ox-LDL-EIA Competitive Format)
96 well Competitive ELISA for the detection of Oxidized LDL in biological samples. The competive (NWK-01158) assay requires less sample dilution and yields slightly better recovery values than the sandwich (NWK-01143) ELISA. It is expected to work better in non-human model systems than the Sandwich (NWK-01143) ELISA.

Oxidative/Nitrosative Protein Biomarkers

Catalog: NWK-PCK01
Protein Carbonyl ELISA
Protein carbonyls are formed by a variety of oxidative mechanisms and can be used as an index of oxidative injury. Recommended as a means to detect general protein oxidation in biological fluids such as plasma, serum, bronchoalveolar lavage, cerebrospinal fluid, cell extracts and other soluble protein samples.

Catalog: NWK-NTR01
NWLSST Nitrotyrosine ELISA
The NWLSSTM is recommended for the detection of nitrosylated proteins in plasma or serum samples. Excellent tool for peroxynitrate related studies and recommended as a biomarker of protein related oxidative/nitrosative stress related augmentation.

Antioxidant Biomarkers

Catalog: NWK-TAC01
NWLSST Total Antioxidant Capacity against Peroxyl Radical (TAC-Peroxyl) Assay
The NWLSST TAC-Peroxyl Antioxidant Capacity kit is intended for the quantitative measurement of a sample’s antioxidant status against peroxyl radical challenge. This product represents a more concise tool allowing investigators to assess a sample’s antioxidant capacity against a specific, biologically relevant free radical species. The peroxyl radical is involved in lipid peroxidation and other biologically significant pathways. This product is useful for testing many types of samples including blood plasma or serum, CSF, tissue homogenates, cell lysates, seminal plasma, wine, fruit juices, brewed teas and other botanical extracts. Data generated is in Trolox equivalents similar to the popular ORAC assay.

Catalog: NWK-ARC01
NWLSST Antioxidant Reductive Capacity (Antioxidant Status) Assay
The NWLSST Antioxidant Capacity kit measuring a sample’s ability to reduce Cu++ to Cu+ as a means of assessing antioxidant status. The kit is useful as a simple method to quantify generic antioxidant capacity in many types of aqueous samples including serum, plasma, cell culture media and food extracts.

Catalog: NWK-GSH01
NWLSST Glutathione Assay
The NWLSST Glutathione Assay kit is a kinetic, rate based assay for quantification of total GSH (reduced and oxidized) in a variety of samples including blood, plasma, tissues and cultured cells. The high sensitivity method provides a limit of detection down to 0.25 mM, suitable for measurement of oxidized GSH (GSSG) after scavenging of reduced GSH.

Catalog: NWK-GPX01
NWLSST Glutathione Peroxidase Assay
The NWLSST Glutathione Peroxidase Assay kit is a kinetic, rate based assay for quantification of glutathione peroxidase (GPx) in a variety of samples including blood products, tissues and cultured cells.

Catalog: NWK-SOD01
The NWLSST Cu/ZnSOD ELISA is intended for the quantitative detection of human Cu/ZnSOD in human plasma, serum cell culture supernatants, erythrocyte (RBC) or other cell lysates and other biological fluids where SOD may be present.

Catalog: NWK-SOD02
NWLSST Cu/Zn Superoxide Dismutase ELISA
Recommended for researchers wishing to assay SOD activity in tissue homogenates, cell lysates & other biological fluids or extracts where forms of SOD might be present.

Inflammatory Biomarkers

Catalog: NWK-MPO02
NWLSST Human Myeloperoxidase (MPO) ELISA
This kit has been optimized for measurement of MPO in human plasma and tissue samples. Cross reactivity in rodent model systems has not been tested. MPO has been implicated as playing a role in the oxidation of low density lipoprotein (LDL) and the advancement of cardiovascular disease.

Catalog: NWK-HYP01
NWLSST Hydrogen Peroxide Assay
This kit is designed to test for hydrogen peroxide content of aqueous biological samples.


Oxidative DNA Adduct Biomarkers

Catalog: NWA-8OHdG
Anti-8-Hydroxydeoxyguanosine Catalog: NWA-5HMdUa & NWA-5HMdUb

Lipid Peroxidation Biomarkers Catalog: NWA-GMDAa & NWA-GMDAb

Catalog: NWA-G4HNEa & NWA-G4HNEb
Anti-4-Hydroxynonenal (4-HNE)

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