We at SR Biosystem Pvt Ltd. is presently marketing for some of the world leaders in Life Sciences Research products such as, Molecular Biology
Equipments and Reagents Protein Assays,  Cell & Tissue Culture, Serum & Media and all sorts of equipments. Assists scientists & Researcher by offering high quality international products with innovative features that valued customers need. Ensure successful product delivery and customer satisfaction.

We at SR BIOSYSTEM Pvt. Ltd. offers:

  • MicrobAce – Natural Hypochlorous Bio-Organic Disinfectant
  • Laboratory Instruments fastest PCR, Real-Time PCR, Homogenization, Thermal Mixer, Fully Automated DNA/RNA Extraction System.
  • Range of Innovative sample storage tubes and accessories from Micronic’s.
  • Thermoblock Reactors, Incubators, Shakers water bath, Rotary Evaporator, Vacuum Concentrator, Freeze Dryer, Vacuum Pump etc..
  • Kits for the isolation of Nucleic acids and Proteins from a variety of species and tissues.
  • Provides reliable and high quality bacteriology products, dehydrated culture media, and selective supplements, ready to use culture media in petri dish, tube, antibiotic discs in cartridges.
  • Systems for the chemical and microbial screening in food, sterilization process control systems. All from Liofilchem.
  • Supply the research laboratory market with high quality ELISAs, spectrophotometric, and chemiluminescent assays for the characterization of oxidative stress in various research model systems and sample types from Northwest Life Science
  • Molecular Biology & Bio-Technology Tools
  • Clinical Research
  • Clinical Diagnostics
  • Agriculture Research
  • Food safety
  • Veterinary
  • Bio-Defense
  • Industrial & Environmental
  • Microbiological laboratories